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 Our Story 

Salon Bloom began with a little girls dream, that grew up into a business plan. I began my career as an assistant for a super talented stylist, dying to learn high end skills in order to build a solid foundation for myself as a stylist. 


In 2017, I began this fun business owner life by opening a micro-salon, Bloom by Madison. That was three amazing years with just one chair, one shampoo bowl, and all of my amazing guests.


In 2019, my husband and I started hunting for the perfect location to grow into and call home. In 2020, the Covid-19 pandemic hit and I thought it might delay our dream another year or more. Shortly into the pandemic, the most beautiful (super outdated,) salon fell flat into our lap. God sure does love to surprise you when you least expect it! We jumped head first into renovations for our new home. All of our dreams came to life in this space. We created a space to inspire stylists and give guests a cozy haven to allow guests to leave feeling positive and refreshed. With plenty of square footage to grow into, Salon Bloom is a place to feel safe in both during and after a pandemic.


I can not wait to welcome you into our dream, and allow you to add a chapter into this amazing journey with us. 



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